The Types of Men to Avoid

No women can deny that deep down we are always looking for The One and we’re lucky we might him soon. There are plenty of great fishes in the sea which knows how to treat you well as a woman. However, the challenges we face to find that special someone is endless and can be quite exhausting. Sometimes when you thought you have found the perfect man, there is just something that does not make you completely happy with him but quite couldn’t put a finger on it because as we know that love is blind. But ladies, falling for the wrong guys will leave you in pain so look at the few types of men to avoid if you want someone to love you unconditionally.

1. Mr. Right but Wrong

He seems like the perfect man! He has the good looks, the dashing smile, stable income, wear nice clothes and definitely has great charisma expect that he is TAKEN. You do not want to be a couple wrecker or the third person even if you find him to be extra charming. Do not ruin other people’s happiness because remember, if he can be swayed by you, he might do the same to you if another women comes along.

2. Momma’s Boy

There is nothing wrong if he still lives with his parents even though he is working but you need to observe whether he can be independent to take care of himself. If he nags or too dependent on his mother, you might find yourself cleaning up after his mess when you are dating.

3. Single Mingle All the Time

If you meet guys who are easily swayed when you are with him, looking, flirting with and doesn’t mind texting other women while dating you, he might not be ready to commit. Yes, we just started dating but you will still want to see whether he will be the type of guy who can take you and the relationship seriously. If he really is interested to get to know you, he should be putting his focus on you until you both figure things out.

4. The GPS Man

This is the type of men who are over controlling in what you are doing with your life. Be concerned and caring is fine. There is no doubt that women loves men who cares but when it comes to the point where you find that you are afraid of a curfew and giving constant reports, it shows that he has no trust in you. Who knows how bad this will get when you guys tie the knot?

Have you come across these types of men while you are dating? If yes, please do share your exciting experience with us in the comment section below.

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