These DIY Masks Will Cool You Down


The weather is hot and stuffy so you’re looking to chill out while beautifying your skin. Or maybe you spent a little too much time under the sun without any SPF so your face is burning? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. These easy homemade masks are the coolest for all sun care needs. Plus, they’re easily made with affordable store bought items or ingredients you can find at home.

  1. Cucumber Fresh

Clean and peel the cucumber skin off before tossing it into the blender. Blend until smooth, much like a puree and then apply all over your face or on any area that’s been sunburnt. Want some extra cool? Refrigerate beforehand. Cucumber easily soothes and hydrates. Works great for days of hot weather.

2. Yogurt Chill


If you don’t enjoy the full, rich taste of yogurt, you can add it to your beauty regime. Turn that sour frown upside down. Yogurt contains lactic acid which is amazing for improving skin texture. You can’t expect instantly lifted fine lines but you can enjoy the cooling sensation on a sunny day while perking up your skin. Once you’ve had it on long enough, dip cotton balls into milk and gently wipe the yogurt off. Follow up with a water rinse.

3. Aloe Healing


You should have applied and re-applied that SPF in the first place. But it’s okay, it must have slipped your mind. Need an emergency fix for your minor sunburn? Aloe vera is the key. Rub the Aloe gel (the leaf’s fleshy inner) onto the sunburn affected area and allow to dry before rinsing. For a cool and moisturising mask instead, blend Aloe gel to a pulp and refrigerate before application followed by a cool rinse after.

P/s: Be careful and avoid contact with the Aloe leaf’s yellow sap also known as Aloin or Aloe Latex as this can cause irritation.

Have any cool ideas of your own for DIY masks for hot dry weather? Leave us a thought down below.