Women are often afraid to travel alone as we are concern about our own safety but it can also be a refreshing experience. For the ladies who want to build up their confidence in trying the solo travelling, opt for closer locations to your hometown. Forget abroad travel and focus on the places in your own country first. Malaysia has plenty of destinations which you can visit to alone and still have an exciting time. There are many activities you can experience depending on your interest.

1. Tour the City

As soon as you arrive at your destination, the first thing you can do is to tour around the city. It is important as it allows you to be knowledgeable on the stores available for your convenience. You will know the laundry shops, convenience store, 7 Eleven, cafes, fast food restaurants, tour agents, spas and souvenir shops. Besides that, you will probably find museums to visit as well in the city. If there are any interesting spots, pull out your camera and snap away.

2. Cruise

If you are someone who loves to have a hint of luxury on your travel, go for beaches such as Pulau Langkawi and go join the sunset cruise tour with a group of people. Since you are travelling solo, it is nice for you to mingle around and meet new people on the cruise.

3. Splash Away!

If you are travelling to somewhere where the sun shines brightly and the breeze flows nicely, then you should not miss the chance to enjoy hanging by the beach and splashing in the sea. Wear your bikini with style and enjoy the sun kissing your skin. You can spend from the morning til the sun sets down and still have an amazing relaxing experience. For the individuals who love some outdoor action, try hopping on the jet ski or do some paragliding.

It is said that if you travel far enough, you will meet yourself. If you have any other activities which will be great for solo women travelers to enjoy, feel free to share us your ideas down below.

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