Things to Do As Soon As You Get Engaged

Did you just get engaged? We bet you are super excited and filled with happiness being proposed to by the special someone you love. It is definitely the dream scenario for all the ladies out there and the moment you have been waiting for the rest of your life. Having on a nice engagement ring, being someone’s fiancé and the excitement of planning the wedding. There are plenty of things to do but do not be overwhelmed about it. Here are things you can do as soon as you get engaged without getting stressed along the way.

  1. Call Parents

When you have soaked in the moment together with your special someone, do not forget to share the news with your parents. Chances are they might know what’s up and waiting for your call to tell them the news. Share with your whole family and best friends too before actually posting it up on your social media platforms.

2. Post Your Ring Selfie

Now that you got all the important calls covered, it is the time to blast the news online by posting an image of your ring selfie or proposal moment (if you happen to have one). Share your news to the world that you are engaged! Well wishes will surely come your way.

3. Celebrate the Happiness

Since you are counting days for your single life to end to welcome a new phase of your life soon, go out with your best friends and family to celebrate the engagement! You are engaged and definitely worth to toast for. Or you can also go for a nice date with your fiancé and throwback memories together.

4. Set a Potential Date

Everyone knows that all the good places are going to be booked up fast so setting a potential wedding date is crucial before planning anything further ahead. Discuss if both families are okay with the potential date suggestions.

5. Research Wedding Venues

The best places are booked up really quick, some even one two years ahead of time. So you might want to start researching wedding venues to organize your big day. Whether it is a ballroom, garden or beach, you can’t book it unless you decided your dream venue. So get it done fast!

6. Determine Your Wedding Size

Whether you are planning a small or big wedding, you and your partner should be on the same page on this. Loop in your families input especially if they are footing in the bill. This is because you need to plan the venue, seatings, menu and a bunch of other details.

7. Plan Your Budget

Before you put your wedding plans on speed, the money talk is crucial for you and your soon-to-be husband to have. It can be awkward at times but it allows you to learn on how to compromise and work your way around it together.

8. Find Your Dress

This is definitely one of the best parts of a bride’s wedding plan. Finding the perfect bridal wear to look stunning in and show off during the big day is surely an exciting process. Discover the wedding dress styles which flatter your figure and taste for that princess feeling.

Are you one of the bride-to-be’s or a maid of honour? Well, share with us your planning experience down below.