Things to Prepare Before Your Solemnization Day

Getting married to the man of your dreams is always a Cinderella fairytale for all the women out there? Some of us even dreamt of how our special day will be like from the decoration, cake, dress and even the venue since we were little girls. Being influenced by the numerous fairytale stories from Disney and romantic movies, we tend to fantasize how our big day as a bride will turn out. However, one thing that we often forget is the hard work planning it all after receiving the marriage proposal. Take a look below at the important things you need to prepare to enjoy your solemnization day.

1. Documentation

This is the most important part of any marriage as without document how can it be official. Getting approval to get married is such a hassle but you still go through it to make it officially as a couple. From attending the kursus kahwin, going for the HIV test, filling out forms, getting it signed and submitting it, you will definitely feel relieved when everything’s done.

2. Bride Wear

This is where most brides get excited about as it is the part where they get to decide how amazing they will look on their big day. A bride needs to decide their makeup look, henna design, bridal dress, veil and shoes to fit the theme of their solemnization ceremony. Solemnization ceremony is where the groom-to-be will perform the akad nikah with the Tok Kadi in order to make everything official with his true love. So being the bride, you want to look your utmost best and feel like a princess while of that is happening before your eyes because everyone’s attention will be focused on you! Figuring out the perfect dress can be overwhelming but choose something which fits your personal character and work your way from there.

3. Invitation & Door Gifts

Once you know the set date for the akad nikah event, you need to have a guest list and order up your invitations as well as door gifts. Discover what the theme of the big day is and you can order the invitation design and door gifts from there. Ask opinions from your family to get a more balanced idea.

4. Pelamin & Decoration

Decorations make the event more complete as it highlights the beauty of the whole ceremony. From floral arrangements, lighting and pelamin, everyone will definitely be stunning and enjoying your special day with you. Make everything aligned with your event theme so that everything appears in sync.

5. Photography/ Videography

This is once in a lifetime event where you want to remember for the rest of your life, thus, hiring the right photographer/ videographer is a must. Why? Because you want the best shots from your special day so that you can cherish every moment of the event. Do research, read reviews, look at portfolios before picking your photographer/ videographer.

Did you have fun planning your solemnization day? Feel free to share us your experience in the comments section below.

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