Things You Need to Do Before 2017

It’s almost been a year and 2017 is just around the corner without us realizing it. You must be wondering whether you had accomplished all you wanted to do throughout this year. It does not matter now as it is the time to get ready for the new beginning. And as we all know, to start a new beginning, we need to spruce up and have a fresh start. So what are the things you need to do before 2017 you ask? Take a look below and start it now!

  1. Spring Cleaning

It is time to start cleaning up your room, your house and your car. You must be piling up rubbish, dust, receipts and unnecessary items you received this year in your home and your car. Start to spring clean your house space by space and at the end of it, you will definitely feel fresher to start the New Year soon with a blank slate.

2. Donate unwanted items

Since you started your spring cleaning mission, you must have gathered some good yet unwanted clothes or items found in your home. If you feel sad to throw it away because the condition is still good, no worries as you can donate them to charity or thrift stores. Someone will definitely put it into good use.

3. Travel Somewhere

It does not necessarily have to be abroad or a luxurious vacation. Go to a restaurant you never been to, go for a short trip or even plan a nice roadtrip to experience something new.

4. Clean up your phone

Okay, as you might not want to admit this, your phone memory must be full with photos and videos. Why not clean up those shots you do not like to give more storage space for next year’s adventures. Besides that, clear your inbox from spam emails as well.

5. Start your 2017 resolution list

There is nothing wrong in thinking and planning ahead of time of what you want to accomplish in 2017. Get started so you do not forget about the wonderful things you have in mind to improve yourself. Whether for self-improvement, skills or goals you want to reach, list them down with confidence.

So are you getting excited to open a new chapter of life? Feel free to share your 2017 resolutions in the comment section below.