This 15 Minute Workout Is All You Need


Got 15 minutes of your time in a day to spare for maintaining and working on a healthy body? Sure you do. Now all it takes is your will power and commitment to a 15 minute sweat out. Hey, at least you’ll be doing something about that New Year’s “Let’s-Be-Fit” resolution you had earlier on this year. Let’s hope you haven’t forgotten about that.

  1. Get your engine revved up — 4 Minutes

Get dressed in your workout clothes and start warming up. We’re not talking about “stretching” lazily and hoping you won’t get a cramp in the middle of the workout. Let’s break it down for you.

  • Stretching = 1 Minute* (Start from the your head & down to your legs)
  • Jump rope = 40 seconds* + 20 seconds rest
  • High knee kicks = 40 seconds* + 20 seconds rest
  • Jumping Jacks = 40 seconds* + 20 seconds rest

2. Full body strength — 3 Minutes

You’re now up for some full body strength training. Sounds intimidating? It might be but everyone starts somewhere.

  • Mountain climbers = 3o seconds* + 30 seconds rest
  • Burpees = 30 seconds* + 30 seconds rest
  • Plank = 30 seconds* + 30 seconds rest

3. Legs, Chest & Back — 3 Minutes

Hopefully you’re still okay after all that. Remember to catch a breath and rest accordingly. Don’t forget to hydrate just enough.

  • Squats = 30 seconds* + 30 seconds rest
  • Push ups = 30 seconds* + 30 seconds rest
  • Supermans = 30 seconds* + 30 seconds rest

4. Shoulders, Arms & Core — 3 Minutes

If you’re already feeling tired, rest up but not so much that your heartbeat has slowed down. Keep pushing, you’re almost there!

  • Diamond Push ups = 30 seconds* + 30 seconds rest
  • Arm circles = 30 seconds* + 30 seconds rest
  • Flutter kicks = 30 seconds* + 30 seconds rest

5. Cool down — 2 Minutes


Now time to cool down and it’ll take the last 2 minutes. Just repeat stretches but this time start the opposite way which means stretch from the bottom and make your way up to the top. This would be a great time to catch your breath and sit in a meditational pose. Give the Child’s Pose a try.

P/s: When you see an asterisk* it means do as many as you can within the allocated time (30 secs, 40 secs, etc.)

Feel free to leave a comment if you gave this a try. Or if you tweaked it, let us know as well!