Tips to Get Wanderlust Photos for Ladies Travelling Solo

It cannot be denied that we have the luxury to plan the places to visit, activities to do and travel itinerary when travelling alone. However as much fun as it is travelling solo, it may be a difficult to snap away envy inducing travel photos which are Instagram-worthy when you are all alone. So how do you get those travel photos with amazing backdrops and the perfect lighting? Read the tips below and you will surely get that wanderlust looking photos to cherish your moments during travel.

1. Take hundreds of shots

There is nothing wrong in taking hundreds of shots of the same object or scenery as you have a wide selection to choose from at the end of the day. You will manage to pick the shots which are perfect and delete the rest which are not up to your liking. Also do not forget to plan your fashion outfits for every single day you are there for a fun OOTD shot as well.

2. Take advantage of the selfie stick

Anyone travelling alone should definitely take advantage of the selfie stick. You will want to have your own image taken to remember the trip and selfie sticks does wonders! Do not be embarrassed in using it as it is the perfect savior when you are alone.

3. Ask a stranger

There are times when a selfie stick will not make you feel satisfied with your shot and asking a stranger is the classic move to pull. Scan through the faces around you which seem trustworthy and ask strangers for help. You may be lucky if the strangers are travelers like yourself or are handy with cameras.

4. Hire a photographer

How do you think those lifestyle bloggers go about during travel? They hire photographers to tag along their journey to help capture the best quality photos. There will always be eager photographers who will love to be on hire so if you have some extra cash stored, splash it for an amazing travel experience. You will definitely feel like a celebrity on an adventure.

5. Bring a tripod

If you do not want the same close up shot with the selfie stick, tripods will also be a great alternative. A simple tripod will absolutely make a huge difference to the quality of your travel photos as it is steadier and perfectly angled.

6. Use everything around you

You can also use everything around you such as ledges, walls, floors or stairs for a different look or angle. It helps create various depth and height which makes your shots seem more interesting. Sway away from the normal uniform shot and go for different angles.

The travel photos are memories and getting the best shot possible is a must. So do you have other tricks to share with us? Feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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