To Be or Not to Be Friends with Your Ex

Everyone knows that ending a relationship is full of heart break and pain. We all have been there. Whether you just started dating or in a long term relationship, breaking up hurts and will always make you question yourself. Wasn’t I good enough? What did I do wrong? You have made memories with this person and have been through laughter, sadness and joy. How can you get over the fact that you are not together anymore? So what happens next?

We bet that you guys heard the commotion that everybody made of Bella Hadid walking pass her ex on the runway of Victoria Secret Fashion Show looking fly and gorgeous. They seem to be getting along just fine. And you wonder should you be friends with your ex and not ruin the bond you guys shared all this while? Let’s check out the facts down below.

  1. Why did it end?

Before starting the friendship between your ex, ask yourself why did it end? Was it because of cheating, dishonesty, abuse or simply because of long distance or no chemistry? If the relationship was good in most part of the years but escalated down towards the end, you may start up back a friendship when everything has cooled down. However if it was a toxic relationship, you should just stay away.

2. Did you have proper closure?

It is really important for the both of you to talk it out and have that full closure before even starting back a friendship. Why? Both of you need to get out what has not been said and resolve the pass issues to start fresh. Remain mature, calm and open so that it leaves a comfortable room to share things. Unfortunately for the closure to happen, it is recommended to take a few months apart before having this conversation.

3. Have you had the EX detox?

Okay, do not start a friendship with your ex as soon as after the break out because it will bring more negative impact in the long run. Distance yourself from one another and have the EX detox. Cry, sulk, stay in bed, eat ice cream, throw the things that reminded of the relationship and do the normal things people do to cope with the pain. Bring yourself up and start dating again. Feel the confidence you need as a person before considering a friendship with your ex.

4. Do you have honest intentions?

To be friends with your ex, you need to make sure you have honest intentions and not scheming something to get back together. You do not want to look as if you are still not over him or needy. If you still have hopes to rekindle the relationship, it is better to avoid friendship all together. However, if you have truly gotten over everything and moved on with your life, there seems to be no problem. Although you might want to wear your best makeup and high heels to slightly make him regret for leaving you years ago (that is always fun to do) when you both meet up, it will boost your confidence.

So are you friends with your ex or not? Feel free to share your awesome experience down below.