Top 5 Best-Seller Bags for Women 2016

Women and bags can never be separated as we carry it everywhere we go from casual outings, dates, parties and even to work. As a woman, we feel comfortable having all the necessary belongings with us by our side whenever we need them. Besides that, bags are also the best accessory a woman can flaunt with their outfits. As trends change fast in the fashion industry, it will be difficult to keep up with the latest bag designs. However, here we bring you the top best-selling women bags that are hitting the streets throughout the year.

  1. Nylon Hobo Sling

The casual laid back style has been popular this year and this can be seen by the top choice of bags women adore this year. The nylon hobo sling bags are perfect to carry on a casual day out, running errands or hitting the gym. The trendy edgy material gives that tomboyish yet simple appeal.

2. Mini Saffiano Belted Tote

The mini saffiano belted tote has always been a favourite pick among women for years and is still standing strong. With various stylish belted tote designs, the bags are versatile for women to flaunt to any occasion with confidence. Ladies who are looking for a sophisticated look will definitely fall in love with the belted totes due to its timeless style.

3. Buckie- Taupe

For the individuals who prefer a more spacious bag designs, the buckie-taupe bags are the perfect choice. Women are seen rocking the buckie-taupe with style all around town. The buckie-taupe bag design has an element of simplicity and sophistication combined which makes it one of the best-selling bags this year.

4. Faux-Leather Shopper Bag

The faux leather shopper bag has been hitting the fashion scene this year as women love showing it off as their go-to bag. The leather material gives that mature appeal while still maintaining its simplicity. Women love this bag as it is easy to stuff in a bunch of items whenever you are in a rush.

5. Shopper Bag

The shopper bags will always be one of the must-have bags in a woman’s closet as it provides great reliable function and style altogether. From simple to glamorous designs, the shopper bag will always make you feel satisfied throughout the day.

Have you grabbed all these best-selling bags in 2016? If not, go grab them and tell us which one is your favourite in the comment section below.