Top 5 Best-Seller Shoes for Women 2016

Are you a shoepaholic who can never get enough of having various designs of shoes in your closet at home? It cannot be denied that women have an obsession over shoes as it helps complete our outfit and bring that self-confidence. Not only that, the fast changing trends also makes us excited to see what designs of shoes are in and out! For this year, let’s check out the top five best-selling women shoes which have been an all-time favourite.

  1. MEL POP IV SP AD (beige)

This specific footwear has been in the number one place due to its cute yet comfortable appeal. The Mel Pop IV SP AD in beige gives that simple touch to your outfit and still providing the best comfort for your feet.

2. Ballerinas with Metallic Trimmings

Women are loving the comfortable footwear year this with flats and ballerinas on top of the list. The first choice may be suitable for a casual look but ballerinas with a twist of design have also become a top pick. Women are rocking the ballerinas with metallic trimmings everywhere they go while still maintaining that effortless chic appearance.

3. Classic T-Bar Sandals

Switching those ballerina flats with a more laid back element, the classic T Bar sandals are the perfect alternative for flip flops. Simply match it with jeans, dresses, pants or skirts and you will definitely look stunning effortlessly. Effortless style are definitely in this year!

4. Pump Heels With Glitter Back Details

As much as women love comfortable shoes this year, we can never run away from our fascination with pumps. Every girl always need a pair of new pump designs in their shoe collection at home and this year the pump with glitter back details has become a favourite pick among the fashionistas.

5. Faded Print Ankle Strap Ballerinas

For the ladies who are looking for that edgy boyish touch to their footwear selection, the ballerina with ankle straps is the perfect selection! Walk with confidence in the ballerina ankle straps and never worry having your shoes fall off. Not to mention, it is the great combination of style and comfort.

Which one is your favourite footwear to show off this year? Feel free to share them with us in the comment section below.