Top 5 Bestsellers for Men 2016

Who says that men are not keeping up with the latest trends in fashion? Every year new trends go in and men sure know how to style the pieces they love with confidence. From tops, bottoms, shoes to bags, men successfully pulls off various fashion looks in their own creative way to represent themselves to others. Whether they are going out with friends or dressing up for a date, there are a few top pieces which have become their favourite picks. Check them out below!


In today’s edition of the 2016 Lookback, we’ll be throwing back to the 5 best seller men tops of the year. Best sellers are what you’ve probably seen the men in your life or perhaps even those around you have been wearing throughout 2016. From impulse purchases to trend setting buys, these best 5 men tops have made the list for all the right style reasons.

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Kicking in next for today, the list continues with the top 5 best-selling men bottoms in 2016. With the wide array of styles for men bottoms, these top 5 are the ones that have been bought and added into the closets of men the most throughout the year. Think beyond denim jeans or black skinnies. These best sellers are not what you’d expect.

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A man’s best friend in the turbulent world of fashion may just be a casual pair of boat shoes or an old pair of raggedy sneakers. Whichever he may choose, it’ll be the highlight of his daily ensemble. Now, let’s take a look at what’s been every man’s favourite shoe to rock throughout the year of 2016 when we wrap up the top 5 best men shoes today. There are some surprising favourites so make sure to pay attention until the end of the list.

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For men who lug around a heavy amount of items to work and even those fashion forward street stylers, the bag is both a necessity and style item. Women might think immediately of a backpack or a briefcase but for a moment, men know better. There’s an insane amount of bag styles for men and for the clueless, this list will make things much easier to know what the top 5 best men bags are today in 2016 so read up and take note.

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