Top 5 Colours for Men 2016

Time flies and we’re at that point of the year to do a quick look back at the Top 5 Colours for Men in 2016. Curious about what’s been in every dapper men’s wardrobe throughout this year? Keep on reading to find out and check out what you’ve been a part of this year and what you’ve probably been missing. Don’t worry, 2016 isn’t over yet so read up about these top colour picks and it’s not too late to start adding them into your men clothing ensemble today.

  1. Black

Black is a preferential colour because let’s face it; men are instinctively simple creatures who go for effortless styling. With the colour Black, everything fits without hassle or fuss. Thus, making it into the Top 5 colours for men in 2016. Besides, every man looks dashing in a cool black outfit no questions asked. The colour black is a rock solid core for a coordinated outfit execution.

2. Grey

Add a tint of white to the colour black and you’ll get the next Top Colour for Men in 2016 — Grey. A muted variation of the colour Black, Grey outfits give simplistic men a chance for variation. It’s not much of a shift but it’s definitely something for men to add into their wardrobe. Making it into second place, Grey radiates a chill vibe and it’s practical enough for men to pull off daily.

3. Blue

Rather quickly associated with men, the colour Blue makes the cut. The colour Blue sets an affirmative tone for men. It’s a solid colour to add or base an outfit on without looking drab or mundane. A dash of blue never hurt nobody plus it’s easy on the eyes and often navigates attention towards the wearer very naturally.

4. Navy

A timeless variation of the colour Blue, Navy is another favourite for men this year. Simply because it’s quite like what Grey is to Black, Navy enables men to casually add another colour to their wardrobe without it being too much for them. The colour Navy is attention grabbing without being overbearing. Sleek and dynamic, Navy is definitely one of the men’s faves.

5. Brown

A classic neutral, the colour Brown is the bare necessity of a men’s wardrobe. Looks good worn on its own, looks amazing when matched with other colours as well. No reason not to have brown in your closet this year. Though simple, the colour Brown provides a distinctive extension to any ensemble. A comfortable colour, Brown to men is what Nude is to women.

So which one of these Top 5 Colours for Men in 2016 do you have and love? Let your thoughts be known below.