Top 5 Colours for Women 2016

It’s that time of the year for a roundup. We’re looking at the Top 5 Colours for Women in 2016 and it’s a feast for sore eyes. From the streets of New York to runways in Milan, there are five main colours we’ll easily recognise all around even in Malaysia. This also easily translates into what’s seen in women clothing throughout store brands and what’s been in your closet lately for the year 2016. Without further ado, here are the Top Five!

  1. Black

Everyone’s all time favourite and yes, even in the hot weather — jet Black. There’s something about the colour Black that even if it goes unmentioned, it remains buzz worthy. Some might say timeless, some might say cliche but hey, it works. Flattering and versatile on its own, this colour has been in our lives (even more so this year) for a while now. It’s just THAT good.

2. White

2016 has been the year for minimalists — self proclaimed or purist types. With that said, the colour White definitely makes the list. Going hand in hand with its opposite counterpart, the colour Black, there’s always been a huge aesthetic craze when both get paired together. Speaking of only White, it’s fresh, crisp and clean making it to the Top 5 colours of 2016.

3. Blue

Blue is often associated with sadness but NOT when it comes to fashion. The colour blue is complementary and exciting. There’s a certain cohesiveness in any ensemble with a pop of blue to it. Be it denim textures to bright solid hues, Blue manages to capture the hearts of style goers throughout the entire year.

4. Navy

Let’s try not to be confused but the colour Navy is derived and associated with Blue. They’re just in different wavelengths. While Blue is the natural state, Navy is the variation. Although often darker and almost black, some Navy colours may have a tinge of white making it a tad bit brighter. The colour Navy is great for chic sophistication thus seen everywhere this year on many street style icons.

5. Pink

Well, hello! Within a sea of natural neutrals, the colour Pink arrives to grace the fashion world with its playful presence. In the year 2016, Pink debuts in ways similar to an Easter egg — surprising and fun. From bright hot pinks to baby pastel pinks, the different hues makes us girls feel fun and flirty. Yes, even the androgynous perk up to embrace pink. The duality of the colour Pink easily sets it into the favourite five.

Which of these Top 5 Colours for Women in 2016 are your faves? Comment your thoughts below.