Top 5 Favourite Women Fashion Picks

As the year is ending and we have pasted half of the year, trends also change according to the season as well as preferences of individuals. For the ladies who love keeping up-to-date with the latest fashion trends throughout the year will realize a certain type of trend which keeps popping up. Check out the top five favourite women fashion picks which have been getting a huge attention this season quarter.

1. Blue — Aqua Marine Tudung

Since a few months ago was the celebration of Eid Day, muslimah women have been going crazy for the blur aqua marine hijab. Many muslimah are seen flaunting their hijab styles donning the colour and showing it off with confidence.

2. Basic Asymmetrical Flap Fit & Flare Dress

As we know, dresses will always stay in style but this season, the dress design which have been a top favourite are the basic asymmetrical flap fit and flare dress. Women love this dress design due to its simple concept and versatile to be worn to any occasion. Be it at work, parties, dates or a day out with your girls, it gives you that sexy yet effortless look.

3. Metallic Lace Mermaid Dress

The combination of metallic and lace mermaid dress has been a hit these few months and women are showing it off with confidence to special events and dinner parties. It gives that sense of class and elegance to a wearer. Accessorize the metallic lace mermaid dress with beautiful jewellery to make your outfit pop!

4. Aztec Sequin Straight Skirt

Skirts are the perfect alternative to switch with your pants but what is the popular pattern lately? The Aztec prints are back but they are coming with a new twist! Combine with sequin elements, it sure adds that hint of glamour and sophistication.

5. Layered Off Shoulder Dress

Layered off shoulders are hitting the season with a blast. Women are seen flaunting this style and portraying their feminine side with ease. It is a sweet yet sexy look for women to pull off no matter where they go. There are several of layered off shoulder dress designs available in the market and you can choose the styles which fits your personal style the best.

Are you one of those individuals who have been rocking these top five styles? If you are, share with us why you love these look in the comment section below.

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