Top Stories of 2016

It is coming to the end of the year and we never fail to provide you with the best stories we can to give you that relaxing read. Thank you for being our loyal readers and supporters! If you want to know what the top stories which have been getting a high hit this year, check the favourite scoops below.

1. Women Crush: 20 Questions with Khadijah Halim

With her beautiful features, gentle soul and friendly personality, we are happy to be doing an exclusive interview for the launching of this new segment. She’s got style and knows how to pull everything from casual to formal with the right touch. Let’s get to know her more!

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2. Fun Things to Do In Batam Island on Your Next Weekend Holiday

Have you ever heard about Batam Island? Mostly people from Singapore and Johor are familiar with the destination as it is situated close to them. Batam Island in Indonesia’s Riau archipelago is a very popular weekend destination due to the beautiful beaches, shopping malls and fun nightlife. If you are keen on how to get to Batam Island, with just a boat ride away you can definitely enjoy an affordable trip during the weekend there.

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3. Hair Care Tips For Girls With Thin Hair

It cannot be denied that some of us are not blessed with voluminous hair and we often worry that our thin hair will make us look less sexy. But fret no more, as ladies with thin hair can apply some of these hair care tips to make sure you still have a little volume. So why wait? Let’s check out some of these hair care beauty tips to make your thin hair appear more rich and full even if it isn’t.

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