Topman — The New Rules

Forget what you’ve heard, this season Topman is presenting five new style commandments guaranteed to upgrade your look without requiring a full wardrobe overhaul. Check out ZALORA’s top picks for each rule!


Out is out. Whether it’s a sharp knit or a relaxed tee — make sure you tuck it in.

In school you’d defiantly untuck your shirt, leaving it hanging out like the mild rebel you were. But now we look back in shame, like we do at the emo lyrics we used to post as our MySpace name,(JoIn ThE BlAcK pArAdE ❤), because we should have known better. Tucking your top in is one of this season’s simplest trends, and we’ve got the evidence to prove it.


Layer denim on denim for Spring Summer 17' — the credible way to wear everyone’s favourite fabric.

Jeremy Clarkson has ruined enough things in the world, which is why we’re not letting him ruin denim on denim. We’re reclaiming the ’80s look for contemporary times without it looking like you’re off to a fancy dress party as Bruce Springsteen circa Born To Run era. Here’s how to pull off the look properly (punching a BBC producer not required).


Style formal cropped trousers with skate shoes and sneakers for this season’s key silhouette.

Don’t skate? Don’t matter. If Dr Dre can have a medical title with no qualifications whatsoever then you can pull off this skating inspired look even though you’d probably break both ankles attempting a kick flip. Keep the trousers relaxed and cropped and team them with a pair of Vans and white socks. Nobody will know better.


Mix tailoring and track tops for a contemporary take on smart.

The Frankenstein of the style world, mixing tailoring and tracksuit components for a contemporary revamp of smart wear. But instead of villagers chasing you around with flaming torches, there’ll be bloggers snapping you for their Instagram pages, shouting “Who are you wearing!” You’ll tip your sunglasses down and reply “Topman” in a Batman voice.


Upgrade your shirt by layering a hoodie, sweat or long sleeve tee underneath.

No, you haven’t entered the Twilight Zone. And no, he hasn’t got dressed in the dark. But if he has, it’s a happy accident because it’s one of this season’s biggest layering looks. Just place a hoodie, sweatshirt or long sleeve under your favourite shirt and BOOM, you’re ready to go.

Pictures and article courtesy of Topman.