Travel Like a Millionaire, BUT on a Budget

It cannot be denied that sometimes we fancy living the extravagant lifestyle and often stalk some celebrities or well-known figures travelling the world like a millionaire. If you are one of those individuals who love travelling and wants to do it with style, let’s check out the few ways you can feel like a millionaire travelling BUT still be on a budget.

1. Avoid Hotels

Everyone knows that hotels are expensive due to its fascinating service and amenities. However, if you want to travel like a millionaire and still save some coins, avoid hotels by opting vacation homes or private suits. Hotel rooms are smaller but vacation homes are owned solely by an individual and also are spacious. The price is a tad cheaper than hotels.

2. Off Season

Never travel during the peak season such as international holidays or school holidays as the prices of packages, accommodations, services and activities tends to sky rocket. Enjoy your travel time during the off season where there are less crowds and the price range are lower.

3. Exchange Rate

If you are planning to travel abroad, go to places where the exchange rate brings you more coins. This is because you will have more cash to enjoy your stay there and not feel regretful spending it. There are many places in the world with amazing scenes to travel and finding a place with a reasonable exchange rate can definitely help save you a few bucks.

4. Stylish Suitcase

For the individuals who want to travel like a millionaire, stylish suitcases definitely do the trick. It brings out your glamorous look and gives you that extra boost of confidence to strut in the airports. You do not necessarily need luxurious looking travel bag. Simply pick a trendy design and work it with attitude.

5. Snap, Snap!

We live in a beautiful world where it is a missed opportunity to not snap the scenery around us. Besides that, who doesn’t want to remember the moment of your trip in a photo? Snap away using your smartphone or camera everywhere you go during your travel and post it up on your social media platforms to feel like a travel star. This does not cost you money at all!

Do you have any other ideas to travel glamorously on a budget? Feel free to share them with us in the comment section below.

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