Tricks for a Flawless Complexion


Some people often think that achieving flawless looking skin is easy to be done. The truth that people do not know that it requires a lot of work. Yes, skin care regime is crucial but how do you get that flawless complexion with makeup? Foundation will not be enough. So here are the correct steps to get that flawless finish look before stepping out of the house.

  1. Primer

Although you might think that it is unnecessary, always start your makeup off with a primer foundation because it makes a huge difference. Primer foundation has that natural healthy glow which enhances your complexion. It also gives a good base before slathering on your foundation on top as it makes everything sticks nicely on.



Now foundation gives a nice clean coverage to your face. It is recommended to apply it with a makeup brush rather than your own fingers. With a makeup brush, paint your whole face covering those imperfections. Do take note to choose a foundation shade which matches your skin tone.



If you are having a bad week of blemishes, acne or spots on your face, concealer goes a long way. Dab it on those areas and observe how you are one step closer to that flawless beauty look.



After you are done putting those bases on and cover all the areas needed, set everything with powder. Translucent powder will definitely give you that smooth matte look that you are aiming for and can last for long hours. But do keep a compact powder in your bag to have touchups throughout the day.



Finish up your makeup with highlighter. Apply it on your cheekbones, inner corner of your eyes and some below the lip for that goddess touch. There are a lot of highlighter types from sticks, powder to cream for you to choose from. Pick out which one you see fits you best and transform your face with ease.

So what are your tips for achieving that flawless looking skin? Do share in the comment section below.