Unveiling 2017 Colour of The Year

Say hello to 2017’s colour of the year — Greenery. It’s okay if you’re not ready to embrace the zest of it yet because it’s going to be hard to part ways with the year 2016 colours — Rose Quartz and Serenity which were both great hits this year. Nonetheless, let’s have a sneak peak at what you can expect from Greenery in the fashion realm and hopefully, be ready to depart merrily into its fresh liveliness.

Described as a zesty yellow-green shade, you can hope to have an exciting range of green variations with most of it strongly holding onto a fresh-type of Greenery. When played out in fabrics, the green can be seen in unique prints, neon bright accents or metallic plays for a swinging glimmer chic which can be quite Gatsby, think of the roaring 20s but with a modern twist of Greenery.

Invigorating and spectacularly inspiring, Greenery makes its way into fashion both on the runways and in street style with a burst of life. Similar to how nature brings out a certain revitalising quality, Greenery can be worn to signify new beginnings in the New Year. Can’t seem to leave Rose Quartz or Serenity behind? Greenery plays well with both colours so you can add them together for an exciting palette. Men can easily jump into the colour transition too.

So you’re not sure how you like Greenery and wouldn’t want to put all your cards into it just yet. Don’t worry, you can still add it into your 2017 outfits slowly by incorporating the little details like accessories or handbags that gives an instant uplift to any outfit. Remember, there are many shade and tint variations to the colour so if the original hue of Greenery doesn’t work for you, don’t be afraid to go down the darker shade or lighter tint. Take a leap of faith into Greenery and you’ll love how it adds a boost to your style repertoire.


Share your thoughts on Greenery. Ready to jump into it by the New Year? Leave a comment down below.