Ways to Know If He Really Is In Love with You

This topic may be woman’s entire dilemma especially if you are starting a new relationship or been dating for a few months. You question yourself, him and the whole situation. Sometimes you are afraid of hoping too much because you do not want to get hurt. Well, if you are in a situation to know whether he really is in love with you and sincere in accepting who you are as a person, check out these few characteristics which can help you get your answer.

  1. Little Things That Matter

First, you may realize that some of your friend’s partners give luxurious gifts, plan huge surprises and take them travelling to amazing places around the world. You see them posting it up on social media and wish that your man can pull off the same thing for you but do not forget that sometimes little things matter more than the extravagant ones. Little things that matter from tucking you in bed, taking care while you are sick, massaging your feet after a long day of work, washing your car for you and carrying all the bags. Never ever look pass the small things he does.

2. Unexpected Gestures

If he unexpectedly does things without you giving out hints or asking him too, it means he probably is always thinking of you. He observes what you like and don’t like. He will spontaneously plan a dinner date, book a ticket to a movie you both have been anticipating for, giving compliments to you even when you are a hot mess wearing a t-shirt and sweatpants.

3. The Way He Treats You

This is important as you will know if a man loves you deeply or simply sexually. If he listens to you, can carry a conversation on and look at you as if you are the only person in the room, he definitely is really falling in love with you with high hopes of making it serious. If he is disrespectful, controlling and seems to be hiding things from you such as his phone, it is definitely a red flag.

What other ways do you know that can help women out there detect if a man loves them? Feel free to share it in the comment section below.