Ways To Make You Stick On His Mind

Sometimes we think ‘What does it make to give a lasting impression on someone especially on the person you are interested in?’ You must wonder how to make yourself pop into his head day after day. Sure, you can act nice and sweet but you also need to put out your personality to them so that you are remembered. However, do keep everything in moderation as you do not want to be exposing too much of your own self too soon. So let’s check out a few ways on how to make him think of you throughout his entire day.

1. Be Sassy

Every man needs to be teased a little as it gets their attention. As much as you might like him, do not give him all the control. Do not make him think that you cannot pull out sarcasm or two when you need to. Being a little sassy, NOT cocky shows him that you are hard to get.

2. Laugh

Do not be one of those girls who laugh too polite hoping to impress a guy. Men love women who show their best laugh when something funny happens. It makes them smile watching you laugh so hard yet still maintaining your cuteness in it.

3. Joke Around

Everyone wants someone that they can joke around and have fun with. Give them a slight preview of your sense of humour and be funny whenever you can. Being too serious spoils the fun.

4. Easy Going

Be laid back and relax as guys love women who can take the time to stop worrying about the little things in life. Show that you are that simple sweet girl that can take anything up for challenge.

5. Be Sporty

As much as you are as a girly girl, men adore women who know how to be sporty and active. It shows them that you have a strong healthy body and mind. So gear up some sportswear in front of them to get that instant attention. Even if you are not good at the sports department, you can always pick up those ‘sport’ language showing that you at least pay attention to what he loves.

So ladies, play it coy and be hilarious while still having that sassy attitude in between. And never forget to give them your infectious smile. Do you have any other points to add on? Please feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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