What I Wear To Work

Dressing 9 to 5
Theresa Heng is one of our very talented graphic designers who works on visuals for onsite campaigns. With her quirky style and love of socks and sandals, we take a look into her working wardrobe for the week and uncover her thoughts when choosing outfits.

Work outfits have to be comfy (but style is as important) so I chose to wear this A-line denim skirt, paired with a basic Breton striped tee. As for shoes, I’m really into the socks and sandals combination lately and these platform sandals just go really well with everything.

This is what I call the “I’m-so-lazy-today outfit coordination”. On lazy days, a simple grey pullover paired with jeans would suffice. A pullover is especially great if you’re always in an air-conditioned office (no cardigans needed). This is a no-brainer especially when you’re tight with time.

It gets boring wearing dark colours all the time. So for a change, a camel-coloured skirt would work well (since I don’t really go for super bright colours). Again, comfort is key for work wear so pairing the skirt with a simple white sleeveless top would make an easy and laidback combo.

Back to black and white. This outfit is another no-brainer. A short sleeved shirt makes everything look less formal. Paired with a tennis skirt and a pair of sneakers, it’s easy to feel and look younger. (Say ‘yes’ to lunchtime student specials)

I hardly wear blazers but there’s always that one day. Oversized blazers can still look classy when paired well. I chose a simple grey fitted dress (one-piece options are always a good choice) together with a pair of platform boots to make me look taller.