Women’s Trend of the Year: Athleisure

Who would ever thought that athleisure has become the most favourite trend of the year for the ladies. Blame it on the athleisure designers or the annual resolution of hitting the gym; women are rocking this style throughout the year as their go-to outfit. You can spot ladies flaunting their athleisure looks running errands, at cafes or hanging out with friends looking chic. From the comfortable yoga pants to the jersey dresses, it is deemed acceptable to wear it all day long even if you haven’t been working out in them.

Among the colours that are pulled by women are black, nude, white, greys, dark blues and may be even a hint of colours thrown in. Besides that, these active wear pieces are easy to mix and match, not to mention comfortable to be worn. The best part is these clothing are made using performance fabrics which is not see-through, odor resistant and dries quickly. How awesome is that? No wonder women love these athleisure outfits this year!

To bring the athleisure look to a whole new level, accessorizing it properly is the way to go. It only takes one piece to transform your gym attire to a street style look. You can choose to throw on a cap, a sling bag or even a pair if sunglasses and it will definitely make you look trendy chic anywhere you go.

The selection of footwear for athleisure look is simple where sneakers and sport shoes to a favourite choice. It gives you comfort to walk in all day and balances out your active wear look out perfectly. Plus, any women can show off their tomboyish rugged side with swag.

Are you one of those who love this athleisure trend this year? What’s your favourite look? Share your ideas with us in the comment section below.