Your Guide to Styling Wide Leg Pants

Essentially, wide legged bottoms are also known to many as flared pants, bell bottom, palazzo and other variations. If you’ve been wondering why you haven’t picked up a pair from the store yet, it’s probably because you’re not sure how to go about wearing them or you already own one but you’re simply uninspired to put them on.

Street stylers across the globe are obsessed with them so you’ll want to give these bottoms a try at least once for curiosity’s sake. Who knows, maybe they’ll end up being your favourite pair of pants. With these top wearable outfit picks, you’ll get one for yourself in no time.

1. The Work Chic

Take a break from the stereotypical work trousers and give it a change with a pair of wide legged trousers instead. Achieve the more refined “office” lady look while pairing your wide legged trousers with a pair of clean cut heels. Shake things up a bit and give the office a little stir with your new style. Even if it’s only with a pair of different trousers — that little definitely goes a long way.

2. The Denim

This is where you’ll find bell bottoms or vintage denim playing a part in the ensemble. The trick to this lies in how or where you find your denim. The thrift shop, is the best way to find the optimum denim wide legged fit. Peel your eyes open for a pair of Levi’s 501s when you do go denim hunting in a quaint vintage shop. Bell bottoms on the other hand work just as well for a casual 70s vibe especially when you’re looking for a little more flair (or shall we say flare?).

3. The Edgy Cool

When you’re not looking to put on a pair of heels, pair your jet black or deep navy wide legged bottoms with loafers for a laid back cool vibe. Throw on a leather jacket for attitude or a bold printed blazer for an added street style edge. A great outerwear can take you places and a pair of wide legged pants can take you even further. Great for when you want to stand out from a sea of people in skinny jeans, this outfit can do you a solid.

But for those who would like to start off easy, try a pair of culottes instead. Other than that, these wide leg bottom outfits are the most wearable inspiration for everyday wear. Now it’s up to you to make your own rendition. Have some fun and experiment with textures like velvet or suede. Aim for a statement ensemble by putting on a pair of wide legged trousers in a bold print or colour like metallics.

Will you go for the wide leg wonder? Share your own style tip down below!