Presenting, Asia Islamic Fashion Week’s fashion icon — Melanie Elturk. Bringing the hijab forward into the exciting world of fashion with much style and dynamics, Melanie Elturk also sparks inspiration and encouragement to Muslim women globally. Today we’ll take a glimpse into the haute world of Melanie Turk.

1. Tell us about yourself with one quote.

I am a servant in every sense of the word. First and foremost, to God and secondly, to my customers. It is my pleasure to serve them every day.

2. What’s your personal style in one sentence?

Classic with a twist.

3. Describe the essence of the woman who wears your designs.

She is confident, comfortable in her own skin and knows who she is. She is unapologetic about her faith and she loves to look presentable at all times!


4. Advice for those are new to wearing the hijab?

Don’t overthink it! At the end of the day it’s just a piece of cloth covering your hair. At the same time, take it seriously. While it may be difficult at times, it’s important to know and understand why you’re wearing it. Without that conviction and taking ownership of your hijab, it will be easy to wear it incorrectly or take it off altogether.

5. What do you think the fashion industry needs to know about Islamic Fashion?

That we’re not going anywhere! Islamic fashion is not some fad or trend — it’s a way of life and I love that there are so many amazing options for all types of Muslim women around the world today.

6. What can visitors anticipate from you during AIFW?

You can expect me to make myself as available as possible! I’d love to hear from all of you, chit-chat, take selfies and have fun!


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7. How do you complete your daily look?

With a colourful printed Haute Hijab and bright lipstick ☺

8. You can only use ONE for the day: Concealer, Eyeliner, Lipstick. Which would it be?

CONCEALER!!!! All day every day!!!

9. Name one fashion designer you love and tell us why.

I will never get over Alexander McQueen and his absolute genius. He was an artist and conveyed his art through fashion like no other designer in history. My favourite wearable designer is Ralph Lauren — he’s mastered the art of looking absolutely polished and presentable at all times and in all phases of life.


10. One item that never goes out of style according to you.

A classic, well-tailored white collared shirt. It always looks good and it always will.


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