Zooming In On Footsie Fever

Fresh off the runway and street style icons across the globe, how often have you tried giving your footwear game a little push off the edge? It isn’t anything new sure, but have YOU tried it? Now of course, one may feel a bit estranged to put on a pair of socks and pair them with heels but it certainly doesn’t hurt to try! Here are a few quick fire easy peasy tips to get you started especially with the basics and latest sock trends.

  1. Look at all the glitz and panache

Go glitzy with your sock choices especially when the sun is shining or on an evening night out with your squad. A favourite choice of many “starter” accessories, glittery socks are both girly and chic! Let the lights bounce off the glimmer and give your footwear a brighter focus. Best for self proclaimed minimalists (although not limited to them) who keep their outfits monotone, pushing the boundaries with glitter socks can up your A game and shift the focus from a monotone ensemble to the on point footwear accessory you’ve got going on. A little shimmer helps and we’re not just talking about your highlight!

2. Time to raid your male counterpart’s sock drawer A.S.A.P.

Put your slip dress on, grab a pair of heels or loafers (glittered or non) and don’t forget a fresh pair of mens socks! Quite a looker for those aiming for a school girl prep vibe, mens socks can make their way into a woman’s closet at any time of the day. Skirts, midi dresses and well even denim overalls can be a viable outfit option to pull off these men’s socks and heels combo. Slouch one pair of the socks down and leave the other higher than the other for an asymmetrical droop to the sock affair. C’est super!

3. Yes, bring in the sport socks

With variations on the runway and off in the streets, sport socks bring a whole new game to the scoreboard. Elongate your legs and opt for thigh high socks with printed lines across for the faux sporty-sock effect. Sport socks are in just as NATO straps are. Who knew that with the element of a line, it could evoke a style. Always remember that the key is to experiment with different footwear, sock lengths and outfit ensembles to get yourself ready for this trendy sock fever.

Will you be donning any of these sock trends soon? Leave your thoughts in the comment section down below.