Zooming In on ZALORAICON Juliana Evans


Malaysian actress, host, model and the next featured ZALORA Icon Juliana Evans shares her take on all things inspiring and fashion in today’s edition. From bendable fashion rules to new found inspiring designers, here’s her take on a round of quick fire questions.

1. What do you think the traits of an icon is and which of those traits do you find relatable?

Confidence — without trying too hard. Even when I think my outfit is wrong at times, I will still show my confidence.

2. Share one thing in your bucket list that you have yet to accomplish.

Buying my mum a house.

3. The ideal out-and-about outfit according to you is?

Palazzo pants with a crop top paired with some of my favourite accessories.


4. A fashion rule you stick to and one you think is okay to break.

Matching the colours of my outfit but it’s also the rule that I break too sometimes.

5. When it comes to traveling, what are your in-flight beauty and fashion essentials?

Facial spray and lip balm to freshen up my face. I usually wear my most comfortable pants which are sweat pants and of course a nice jacket.

6. What’s the one thing you’ve bought but have yet to wear.

A white short dress from DVF. It’s very Victoria Beckham so I’m waiting for the right time to wear it.

“Style is something that everyone has. All you need to do is just find it.”

7. If you could steal a movie character’s look, whose would it be and why?

Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad. She makes her quirky colourful style look very sexy.

8. 5 things you carry with you at all times.

Wallet, face powder, lip stick, hand lotion & hand sanitiser.

9. Your foolproof way to staying in shape is?

Detox drinks. The ones from La Juiceria are the best.

10. Name an upcoming Malaysian fashion designer that you think people should look out for.

Zaimi Zulkafli. Very unique sense of style.

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