Contributing Writer, Melissa Kartini


Melissa Kartini, a multiracial Sabahan who dreams of becoming a polyglot. This ambition stems from the desire to serve as a bridge between different cultures. It’s a huge dream, she knows, but here’s to it one day coming true! If you’re curious, she is currently learning Japanese, and wish to study Mandarin, Korean and Portuguese in the future. Needless to say, English is her main passion.

This interest in languages that she has is all thanks to being raised in a multiracial background. It is just intriguing for her to see how culture influences our daily lives, and how the language we speak is the perfect reflection of this. In the ideal world, she’d like to study languages in many different countries.


Aside from studying languages, she enjoys writing, shopping, travelling, hitting the gym and practicing Muay Thai. She also run a blog where she largely write about lifestyle.


Contributing Writer, Sarah Nuraisyah


Sarah Nuraisyah or known as SarahIsyah was born and raised in Penang since 1998. She is a huge Korean pop fans, Beauty enthusiast and a food lover. Currently she is studying in one of local University. Majoring in Accounting is hard for her so she writes as a hobby and a way to express herself.

She started blogging on 2011 when she was a junior in high school. Her blog is an informal site just to share stories and looking for friends. Her biggest dream is to inspire people. She believe through writing she can inspire people. As a beauty enthusiast, she shares her passion on youtube platform. Although she is only a small blogger and a youtuber, she will never give up to inspire others. If you want to support her you can click on her channel.


If you interested to keep up with her daily life, feel free to check out her Instagram@sarahisyah_. If you have any business enquiries you can email her at

Contributing Writer, Nur Farahuda

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Nur Farahuda or known as Farah. She was born and stay in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Graduated from Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Kampus Muadzam Shah, Pahang in Human Resources Management, Oct 2017.

Farah started writing at the age of 15. Then she built a blog since 2009 till now. She likes to share her story to others, so that is why she loved blogging. Personally, her blog niche is just for personal use.
But since 2012, people started to convince her to do an advertisement at her blog about their products. Since that, slowly she became a freelance writer managing her blog and some even asks her to write an article from them.  Her blog url –

Contributing Writer, Maisarah Ibrahim


Maisarah Ibrahim, or fondly known as Sarah was born and bred from Selangor, now studying in a local university. She is a business student, a bibliophile since she was a kid, a Marvels superfan, a Potterhead, a movies geek, and definitely an ailurophile who loves cats very much. She thinks that movies are good, but books are always better.

She started blogging back during her high school years and tailored to document her personal life updates, beautygeeks thingy, some tips and tricks, and her 2 am thoughts. Blogging at the age of 13 was one of her hormonal teenage expressionism start-ups which eventually turned into a serious lucky space of enhancing her writing skills, making new friends with the same hobby, exploring the other world where she can be herself when she is not, and being a passionate writer.


Determined to be successful at her age, she want to make a living proof that successful has nothing to do with age. She tends to be different and being the “big sister” in her family has set this girl on the course to become the responsible, thoughtful, dutiful, and caring sister everyone counts on. Even though she has the most intense fight in her life, she would never give up.

Contributor Writer : Maisarah binti Ibrahim

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Contributing Writer, Sofinah Lamudin

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Her name is Sofinah Lamudin but her friends calls her Sofie. She love to spell her name as Sophee. Borned on 1990 in Wilayah Persekutuan Labuan, she is an admirable wife to my Mr.Bee and amazing daughter to her parents.

She is a Forex trader since 2012 and a full-time blogger since 2014. In 2017, she joined the Kelab Blogger Ben Ashaari community. She loves to write about her personal life, thoughts, and anything that she can share in her main blog,

Sofinah also loves reading, playing a video game and drawing. Her favorite books genre is a relationship, business, comic, motivation, self-help, fantasy, and sci-fi. After completed her  reading, she will share her opinion in her book blog,

Contributing Writer, Alya Zul


Alya Najihah Zulkufli also known as Alya Zul was born and raised in Selangor. Graduated in Biomedical Electronic Engineering course in UniMAP. She is simple and easygoing person. She loves writing poems and enjoyed reading novels and motivational books. She is also a food lover that cannot say NO to food.

As the owner of  ‘A Long Journey’ blog, she believes that when writing the story of our life we can’t let anyone else hold the pen. As writing is her catalyst, she started blogging at the age of 16. Blog is where she found it useful to express her feel, opinions and views. Sometimes when she was going through tough times, writing will boost her mood back.

Her life motto ‘there is no success without hardship’ is what she hold onto to succeed. She would like to express and pour out her ideas and creativities into the articles. She also would love to share her knowledge about lifestyle, health and beauty tips and secrets with community. She hopes community can enjoy her writing.